Lorcaserin medication is used for weight loss


Lorcaserin is a weight loss solution that’s hitting the industry and making headlines. The FDA approved lorcaserin medication is used for weight reduction. People are calling it the miracle pill; that is exactly what the patients are saying about the drug. Having the medication will take away all of the carving and cause you to forget to eat. Patients are surprised by how easy it’s to shed weight on the weight loss medication. There are good responses from most patients; they are trilled. It’s fun to prescribe this medication because people are losing weight.

Lorcaserin is suggested for people that are obese. According to the centers for disease and prevention and control, it’s estimated that 36 percent of Americans are obese. That means your body mass index or BMI is more than 30. The drug isn’t a fat burner; it merely lowers your appetite and reduces your food cravings. Most diet drugs work as an appetite suppressant in the stomach. Belviq or lorcaserin works as a suppressant in the brain. It targets a receptor in the brain, which is very specific for appetite.

In studies, lorcaserin drug reported helped severely overweight volunteers loss up to ten percent of their starting body weight, along with exercise and a low-carb diet. L operates on the serotonin, serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters found in overeating obesity, and it’s also found in depression. If the mind is bathed in serotonin, it causes early satiety people do not eat as much.

The biggest issue of Lorcaserin is the price tag. The medication is pricy more than two hundred dollars for a month’s supply. The money people save eating less it breaks even. It is hard for obese people to overcome cravings, but with lorcaserin’s rake, they will no longer consider food. As words get from it, an increasing number of doctors are using it. The drug has some common side effects, but there is a positive result of weight loss. This medication has dropped many individual’s weight in no less time. If you want to lose weight, you can give it a try.

Lorcaserin drug on the market already shows some incredible results; it is not just a fat diet since it is FDA approved. The drug focuses less on the stomach and more on the brain. It’s the first weight-loss drug proven to have cardiovascular safety. Their composite scores are equal between patients who took lorcaserin and patients in the placebo group. Overall there’s not a lot of use of pharmacologic weight loss agents in the usa. A whole lot of that is based on fear of the historic experience: they were not safe. So, now having a proven safe medication will lead more people to reach for a pharmacologic agent like lorcaserin.

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