Dry Fasting vs. Water Fasting: What Are The Benefits


There are so many health benefits to fasting. Many religious groups practice fasting all around the world. In this article, you will look into the benefits of Dry Fasting vs. Water Fasting. It is known that dry fasting helps lose weight, which is likely because of extreme calorie restriction. Dry fasting also improves the functioning of the immune system. During a dry fast, the body takes time to reset the immune system by removing the damaged cells and generate new ones. Since you are limiting calories, it improves inflammation that protects the immune system. Some studies also showed that fasting regenerates cells.

Dry fasting also has skin benefits. This might be because of the effect on the immune system. Some studies also claimed that dry fasting helps in wound healing. However, there are also studies that showed that fasting slowed down the process of healing wounds. Many believe that dry fasting helps slow down aging. Water fasting has also shown various benefits to the bodies. Studies have shown that water fasting helps promote autophagy. Autophagy is a process where the cells in our body break down and recycle. Water fasting also helps lower down blood pressure, so this type of fasting will be beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

It is also found that water fasting improves insulin and leptin sensitivity. Insulin and leptin are hormones that affect the body’s metabolism. Another benefit of water fasting is that it may lower the risks of chronic diseases. Animal studies have shown that water fasting protects the heart from free radicals. Most of the studies on fasting for autophagy were done on animals or were only done for a short period. If you look at the benefits of Dry Fasting vs. Water Fasting, both are equally beneficial to your body in different ways. However, there are also dangers and risks involved with fasting.

Water fasting could make you dehydrated, change blood pressure, muscle loss, and many other health conditions. In contrast, dry fasting can have side effects like headaches, poor focus, irritability, tiredness, etc. And develop several health conditions like eating disorder, nutrient deficiency, urinary and kidney problems, etc. So if you plan to fast, be it dry fasting or water fasting, make sure to do proper research and prepare yourself physically and mentally before you start.

Inflammation leads to chronic diseases like heart problems, cancer, and aging, which means you can reduce the process by fasting. Another benefit of fasting is that it can help raise your metabolism. And when your metabolism increases, it can burn fats. Most people are generally scared of their own body shutting down during fasting, but studies have proven that your body simply begins accelerating the metabolism to boost energy when required. The given above are a few of the numerous benefits of Omad Diet and fasting.

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