Bags Go Green: The Need.


The modern and globalized world that we live in today has many smart solutions for various needs. But many are synthetically produced at a fast pace to meet the needs of the ever-increasing demands. With that comes quantity over quality, and it has many negative consequences. Yes, no doubt it serves the daily needs, yet it also ends up harming the environment and the place we live in many ways. One such is the plastic bags. It is mainly used for packing, storing, and carrying things, yet it has raised many issues in current times as it had polluted and continues to pollute our living places.

The plastic bags are non-biodegradable and do not naturally compost once produced, used, and dumped off. It stays as it is for many decades, polluting the land and the environment. It causes the land to be unfertile, making it unfit for any plants. In the water environment, the organisms that thrive in it face uncountable problems. It disturbs their food habitat and the living spaces. It destroys their niches.

People burn the used garbage bag to reduce land pollution, yet it immensely pollutes the air. It contributes to global warming, a major environmental issue since the last century. Hence, to prevent all kinds of pollution that harm the environment, a solution is seen in biodegradable bags. There are many advantageous features from it as it composes naturally by the action of microorganisms. It creates no pollution.

Biodegradable bags like go green bags are made from cotton, paper, and natural fibers. They are earth-friendly and negative consequences are absent. These raw materials are not only biodegradable but can reuse for other purposes. These bags are also reusable and can be recycled. Bags are everyday needs for diverse purposes, and shifting to environment-friendly bags is the urgent priority for every place and country.Once something is disturbed, it will, directly and indirectly, come back to us. This process needs to understand and educate every individual for our good.

When one is conscious of this and changes from plastic bags into green bags, it also helps to lessen the ingestion of fossil fuels. It is a part of the contribution in one end to promote the sustainable usage of organic sources. It also functions as a inspiration to several people around. Thus, when it becomes a fashion, people will continue to do their pieces. Every effort things, and also in the long term, it’s going supply a cleaner atmosphere for everybody.

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